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Heidi's Love for Prince Knows No Bounds

The Jackathon founder talks strip clubs, shoegaze, and keeping it underground on the BBC on the latest episode of Rave Curious.

by Joshua Glazer
Nov 2 2016, 4:45pm

Before she became a house music hero on the BBC, the bold DJ who goes by just Heidi was a punky kid from Canada in love with single-name stars like Prince and Iggy. After sharing a laugh over the strange circumstances of our first meeting while she was working behind the bar at a Windsor strip club in the early 00s, Heidi uses her episode of Rave Curious to explain her obsession with vintage photos of her musical heroes, enthuse about her weekly Jackathon residency in London, and even reveal how she went on a couple dates with a "Canadian millionaire" DJ.

"I was like 18-years-old! I picked him up in my ghetto-ass, shitty car!" roars the rare DJ who delivers the same energy talking on the mic as she does in the DJ booth. That energy makes this one of the most upbeat and entertaining episodes in recent memory.

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