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Solomun Announces New Tour, Takes Us Record Shopping

Check out the German teddybear's new tour dates as well as some of his favorite slabs of wax.

by David Garber
Nov 6 2014, 6:00pm

Solomun and Me.  Hamburg-bred DJ and producer Mladen Solomun is a larger than life force. For starters, he's a big ass dude. He's also got a very outgoing and genial prescence, sort of like a German beat-spinning teddy bear who's love for his job radiates from his skin at every moment. Throughout his lengthy career, he's established himself as a pillar of the european dance scene and in recent years has been bringing his sound—a euphoric, eclectic blend that travels from calming to crazy—to nearly every corner of the globe. His label Diynamic offers a unique blend of modern dance sounds with buzzy artists like Adriatique and David August, and just this summer his Solomun+1 night in Ibiza was the talk of the White Isle.  Now in in the final months of 2014, Mladen is gearing up for a tour across North and South American, a power move to bring his beloved style to a diverse spread of fans old and new. The autumn tour kicks off with two dates in Argentina at Creamfields and three gigs in Brazil, including an appearence at XXX Festival in Sao Paulo. Then in December, Solomun will stop off in New York City for a very special Diynamic showcase with Cityfox, as well as spots up north in Toronto and Montreal. He'll also be spinning in some of the USA's most revered clubs like Chicago's Spybar and Miami's Story.  Recently we got to spend some one-on-one time with the big-man and, instead of gathering around a cup of New York Java (basic!), we decided to hit a couple of the dopest record shops around—A1 and Turntable Lab—in the vibrant cultural hub of the East Village. While Mladen tears apart CDJs on a nightly basis, he cut his teeth burning up the hot wax on a pair of good 'ol Technics. "I played with Vinyl for a long time, of course I learned DJing on the Technics 1210 and I was one of the last guys who switched to CDs and then later to USB. One thing is for sure: with digital things, everything is way less complicated, you receive all the promos digitally, you can easily make an edit, share music with colleagues. But I have to confess—I don't like change too much, so if you ask me now, everything could have stayed also on vinyl," he tells us. 

So while you get all giddy to check out Solomun on his new tour, be sure to check out some of his picks from our shopping-sesh!

DJ Koze - Amygdala Remixes #2 [Pampa]

Solomun: What shall I say? Great record, great label, great guy! Koze is one of the artists that I've appreciated most over the years. He is from Hamburg, Germany, just like me, and everything he does, he does it right. And on top he is an amazing good guy with a great sense of humor. My homie Stimming released an EP on Pampa back in June, by the way.

Aly-Us - Follow Me [Strictly Rhythm]

Solomun: During the search I found this old Strictly Rhythm record – one of my all time fave classics. There's no use in introducing Strictly Rhythm, in the old days it was THE worldwide house label. And if you play that tune nowadays, even the kids from today feel warm at heart.

???? - ???? [Junior London] 

Solomun: I don't know exactly what record this is, but Junior was a little bit like Modern House with a strong electronic touch. Unfortunately the label doesn't exist anymore, since it was always a label where I loved to hear new releases.

Mantronix - In Full Effect [Capitol Records]

Solomun: Back in the days this was the most forward thinking music for me. It's a very special mixture between pop, breakbeat and electronica. I think they released like four or five albums.

Chromatics - Night Drive [Italians Do It Better]

Solomun: A really great indie-electronica act with lots of vocals. I am Fan!

Glass Candy - Beatbox Album [Italians Do It Better]

Solomun: Music-wise it's a bit of a similar direction to Chromatics. Maybe a little more art-pop. Her voice is really hard to describe, somehow a mixture between girl and smokey bar-singer, always very sexy.

11/07 - Buenos Aires, ARG, Creamfields Pre Party
11/08 - Buenos Aires, ARG, CreAmfields
11/13 - Brasilia, BRA, Q5
11/14 - Buzios, BRA, Privilege
11/15 - Florianopolis, P12
11/16 - Sao Paulo, XXX Festival
12/19 - Coda Toronto
12/20 - Cityfox, NYC
12/26 - Spybar, Chicago
12/27 - Stereo, Montreal
12/31 - Story Miami
1/2 - Hardpop, Juarez, Mexico
1/3 - Bar Americas, Guadalajara, Mexico
1/9 - Marquee, NYC
1/10 - U Hall, Washington DC
1/13-1/15 - BPM/Diynamic Events
1/23 - Sala Puebla, Mexico City
1/24 - Exchange, Los Angeles 
1/25 - SLS, Vegas Connect with Solomun // Facebook // Soundcloud