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Grads Of An Alberta Christian Home School Say Their Education Was Basically Made Up

One woman says her diploma wasn't recognized by any university.

by Manisha Krishnan
Oct 31 2016, 4:49pm

Don't trust a school that doesn't believe in evolution.

While many people feel like the stuff they learn in high school is essentially useless, one Alberta woman says the diploma she received from her Christian home school program literally wasn't recognized by any university to which she applied.

Bari Miller told the CBC she received her education through Wisdom Home Schooling, an organization that is subcontracted by the Trinity Christian School Association to provide home schooling to Alberta students. Both parties were shut down by the Alberta government last week after being accused of having shady finances and no oversight.

Trinity and Wisdom have refuted the allegations and are obtaining legal counsel.

Miller said in her case, she was shocked when she realized that her education was worthless, as her transcripts were rejected by the post-secondaries she hoped to attend.

As part of her curriculum, she said she learned "evolution didn't happen."

"It was combined with a lot of biblical analysis and I really didn't learn any science that would be acceptable to a lot of Canadian universities."

Wisdom home schools 3,500 kids in Alberta. The education ministry has said it was never accredited through the province.

Miller said she's frustrated that Wisdom was able to operate without accreditation.

"I don't understand how that makes it any different from your kids just not going to school," she said.

Another woman who identified herself as a Wisdom grad on Twitter posted photos from her old exams which included fill-in-the-blank questions like, "In the late 1970s, Jim Jones tried to institute a theocracy, but his abuse of the Bible only led the people of his community into: (death)."

But supporters of Wisdom have also been vocal, launching a #WeStandWithWisdom hashtag; an online petition demanding Wisdom be allowed to operate has garnered more than 2,600 signatures.

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