Murdered Vancouver Millionaire Might Be a Dad, and a Paternity Test Could Mean Millions for the Baby

And a Victoria lawyer seems to think the mom is trying to get rich off her baby.

by Tannara Yelland
Jul 28 2015, 6:15pm

The neighborhood Gang Yuan lived, and likely died, in. Photo via Google Street View.

The neighbourhood Gang Yuan lived, and likely died, in. Photo via Google Street View

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A Vancouver millionaire allegedly murdered for his money has been named in a paternity suit that will move on to a paternity test to be completed by Aug. 26. Gang Yuan is estimated to have been worth $50 million; his body was found, in more than 100 pieces, on May 2 of this year. Gang's brother has put forward the theory that Li Zhao, who's been charged with second-degree murder, may have murdered Gang for his money. This despite the fact that Gang was allegedly supporting Li and his wife, who is a cousin of Gang's.

Xuan Yang claims she was involved with Gang and that her baby daughter is also his child. If the paternity test bears this out, Xuan's daughter stands to inherit the entirety of Gang's estate, according to a law called the Wills, Estates, and Successions Act that came into effect in BC in March 2014. According to that law, if someone dies with no spouse and no will but with biological children, their entire estate goes to the child or children.

"That [test is] going to be pretty darn conclusive," litigation lawyer Trevor Todd told the CBC. "You can have all sorts of other circumstantial evidence, but it comes to down to blood. It's 100 percent."

Victoria-based lawyer Charlotte Salomon said Xuan stands to gain some material benefit for herself as well. While the bulk of the money would be put into a trust for her child, Xuan could "say, 'I have to provide for my child to live in a nice house, in a nice neighbourhood where there's good schools, and of course I'll need a nice car to transport her everywhere, and, and, and'...," according to Salomon, who added that "you can see where there may be some motivation here. In addition to having something for your child, she gets a little bit of a good ride."

However, given the accuracy of DNA testing, it would be nearly impossible to get access to that money without Xuan's child actually also being Gang's offspring. And if Gang was the father of Xuan's child, that baby is legally entitled to his estate. So regardless of whatever unsavoury motivation Salomon seems to be ascribing to Xuan, there will be no arguing with the results of this test.

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