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DJ Khaled Snapchats His Son’s Birth Because This is a Thing Now

First Robbie Williams, now DJ Khaled... Which means we now officially have a trend on our hands.

by Noisey Staff
Oct 24 2016, 2:00pm

Many congrats to DJ Khaled and his fiancée Nicole Tuck, who welcomed a son over the weekend (who we shall call DJ Baby Khaled until he has a name). To mark the occasion, and continuing this weird trend whereby male celebrities live blog actual childbirth (started by Ex-Take That member and well-known trendsetter Robbie Williams​), Khaled decided to keep the internet informed every step of the way via Snapchat because this is absolutely real life in 2016 and we are not living through an episode Black Mirror, no sir.

Well known as a pioneer of Snapchat-as-artistic-medium, Khaled filmed over a number of hours throughout the birth. The footage sees him chatting with doctors and nurses (telling them, like any self-respecting documentarian, "Do your job, don't worry about me"), blasting out his own music, pouring his heart out to the Snapchat fam about his nerves, all while Nicole quietly goes about the business of, you know, pushing another human being out of her literal body.

The snaps end with a video of a tearful Khaled seeing his son for the first time, telling the camera "God is great." Nicole, I imagine, would also add, "epidurals are great." With that in mind, watch the birth of Baby Khaled below, if you actually wish to do such a thing *cue the Lion King soundtrack*.

LeaLead​Lead image by Matt Seger

Lead image by Matt Seger​​

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