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Bonfice’s New Video “Really Fast” is a Modern Love Story About Ignored Sexts

“She call my phone, sayin’ I’m tryin to meet you.” - what most people want to do when they call.

by Devin Pacholik
Feb 9 2017, 4:40pm

Bonfice has a love story to share with the world—one that probably involves sent nudes and peach emojis. It's the truest kind of love. The Regina, Saskatchewan-based emcee released his latest video for "Really Fast," shot by Anastas Maragos of RoyalZProduction with beats by Kalen J Music. The video features Bonfice and his crew pouring out liquor in Victoria Park, a favourite Regina pastime. Bonfice reflects upon on his upgraded rap status, complaining about the women trying to hit him up now, saying,  "She call my phone, sayin' I'm tryin to meet you."

Bonfice explained the concept to Noisey: "A girl that's calling and tries to meet me since I'm kind of popping now. She gets annoying with it too. She wants sex but I'm not sure if I'd have sex with her. Took her shopping before I was famous. Then now she even want me more even tho we stopped kicking it. But the song itself came to my mind as me trying to just make another hit for the city." Incredible. Watch Bonfice's  "Really Fast" below:

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Really Fast