Tyriqueordie Tackles Drugs, Relationships, and 'Black Mirror' in the Second Part of His Psych-Rap Odyssey

Bong and beats in hand, our hero continues his journey.

by Phil Witmer
Apr 11 2017, 3:00pm

Scarborough psychonaut Tyriqueordie has returned with the next part of the psychedelic musical journey he began with "Episode 01." "Episode 02" follows the same structure, wedding a trilogy of songs to tripped-out visuals. If anything, the music here is even more mind-expanding than the previous instalment. Tyriqueordie rides the cheery waltz of "Drugs Make It Nicer Outside" like a fairground carousel, while "San Junipero, Pt. 1 & 2," true to its namesake Black Mirror classic, is built off a summery Sade sample that seems to phase in and out of dimensions. You can experience "Episode 02" below and read on for Tyriqueordie's exclusive breakdown of its songs.

"Jizz On Your B****" is the intro track to Episode 2. It's basically about me finally being out of love and out of a toxic relationship. It's also me settling for whatever the lonely lifestyle has to offer me, whether it be sex, money or drugs.

The second track "Drugs Make It Nicer Outside" is the sequel track to "Go Outside, It's Nice" in Episode 1. "Go Outside, It's Nice" was about me telling this girl to move on, while "Drugs Make It Nicer Outside" is me breaking it down to her that we're better off without each other and that if we stay on this high, we'll enjoy this time apart and won't feel the pain.

The third and last song "San Junipero Pt. 1 & 2" is where I find peace within myself and surroundings as I start to live life more positively under the influence of drugs. Similar to Black Mirror's famous "San Junipero" episode, the drugs put me in an alternative utopian universe very different from the real world where everything is beautiful, bright and vibrant. When the song bridges into Pt. 2, it's a representation of me coming down from the drugs officially and stepping back into reality where I realize how lonely I am in the real world, which is also a strong reason why the vibe on Pt. 2 comes off as dark and mysterious."

Phil is the Noisey Canada staff writer. He's on Twitter.