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Drake Borrowed His Moves From 'Degrassi' for Migos' "Walk It Talk It" Video

Drake's journey down Migos' Soul Train line would've been cooler if he didn't borrow Jimmy's moves from 'Degrassi.'

by Kristin Corry
Mar 19 2018, 4:04pm

Screenshot from "Walk It Talk It" video 

There was a time when Saturday mornings meant catching up on cartoons or new episodes of Soul Train. Migos put their spin on the iconic music television show this weekend by transforming it into "Culture Ride" for the new visual for "Walk It Talk It." With Jamie Foxx as Ron Delirious, ruffled blouses, and the infamous Soul Train Scramble board, the spirit of former host Don Cornelius was in full effect throughout the grainy footage. Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff trade their usual flex—dripping in ice—for afros and synchronized mic play, and the Northside trio does it mighty well. But it's their collaborator Drake who comes in rare form as he makes his entrance down the Soul Train line, dusting off dance moves he'd taken a break from since "Hotline Bling."

Drake's dancing usually is enough to spawn a shitload of memes, but it's not likely that his routine in "Walk It Talk It" will—simply because he hit the steps in an uninspired way. Though corny, the choreography in "Hotline Bling" showed us Drake in a way we hadn't seen before, but this video gave me a serious case of déjà vu. For those of us blessed enough to know Drake back when he was Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian show Degrassi: The Next Generation over 15 years ago, you definitely have seen those moves before. The Michael Jackson kick and the wig are enough to launch me into my pre-teen days of watching him when he was just Aubrey Graham. He blends just about every dance move he's ever tried publicly into a nostalgia-trip greatest hits on "Culture Ride's" stage.

Drake knew he didn't fully commit the moment that kick went midair, so he used a hair flip to distract us. Also may be unfair to assess, but his 15-year-old kick on Degrassi was much more fluid than 31-year-old Drake.

Sir, what exactly do we call this move? This has "Hotline Bling" written all over it.

But then again, look at that wig, which deserves its own moment. It's clear he isn't taking any of this too seriously, which is what all the best Drake moments are made of anyway. At least he didn't rip his pants again.

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