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Six Canadian Acts to Check Out at EDC Las Vegas

Get your pre-game on for EDC Las Vegas with these Canadian acts.

by Jesse Champagne
Jun 17 2014, 12:20am

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Welcome to Las Vegas, aka "Sin City," "The Entertainment Capital of the World," and the "City of Second Chances." By now, you've undeniably heard of the city's tired catchphrase, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But to be perfectly honest, all that actually happens is women at bachelorette parties who get drunk and dance, men who smoke cigars and lose money on the craps table, and young 20 year old boys who pay for overpriced lap dances and entries into packed clubs. This week, you can forget about all of that. This week, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is about to take over the city, the strip, and your collective consciousness.

From June 20 to 22, over 400,000 fans will attend the festival, which has more in common with an amusement park than your typical concert venue. If you haven't already grabbed your tickets, you're shit out of luck, as the event sold out in record time before a single artist was even announced. Speaking of artists, as the ultimate authority on electronic everything, it is our sworn duty to provide you, the reader, with a list of must-see acts. What's more, we've also got to rep the l'Unifolié (that's "the one-leafed" for you non-Quebecers). So here are six Canadian acts to check out at this year's EDC Las Vegas. Try and make it back in one peace, will you?

You can also check out the full lineup right here.


When he isn't getting his quack on with Armand Van Helden as the disco duo known as Duck Sauce, Montreal's Alain Macklovitch is wowing crowds under his A-Trak alias. As the founder of "tastemaker label" Fool's Gold, A-Trak is personally responsible for all manner of slamming sounds; hip-hop, electro, trap—it's all game, and it's all good. Oh yeah, we also forgot to mention that the dude is a six-time world champion when it comes to DJing. Need we say more?


A-Trak might grab the top spot when it comes to actual skills on the turntables, but it's his older brother David who gets all the hunnies as one half of the electro-funk duo Chromeo. If 2010's Business Casual was their coming out party, then this year's White Women is their all-night affair. What can you expect? In their own words, they make "Larry David funk," which Macklovitch describes as "a combination of sexy, funky, macho music with neurotically love-torn lyrics." Whatever it is, it's working.

Zeds Dead

Zed's not dead, baby. Zed's not dead! Although the Toronto natives initially rose to prominence thanks to a series of slamming dubstep productions at the turn of the decade, since then the boys have dabbled in all manner of dance music, including electro, future house and surprisingly, even some synth-pop. Their style is eclectic, their energy is electric, and their performances verge on the theatric. Expect the unexpected with Zach and Dylan—you won't be disappointed.

Datsik & Excision

In March this year I made the presumptuous proclamation that dubstep was on its way out. But it looks like Kelowna, BC's Datsik and Excision weren't listening, because if anything, they've filtered out the background noise and somehow increased the level of filth in their productions. While they unfortunately won't be performing on stage together (that we know of), the diabolical duo will be turning heads with their own motley collection of bass music as solo acts at this year's EDC. I saw Datsik last weekend in Toronto, and the dude delivered an audial slap in the face to his fans (and to his detractors). You've been warned.

Art Department

At this point, it's probably pretty obvious—we love us some Art Department. First of all, they call it the way they see it, with no filters and no fucks given. Secondly (and perhaps most importantly), they also produce some of the most memorable house and techno beats. Despite a recent medical issue, Jonny White is back on tour and all signs point to a groove-inducing party to remember. Come join us in the deep end of the pool, the water is fine.