Lorde's Back with Post-Rager Reflections on "Sober"

Hear what's probably her last new song before her album release next Friday 16 June.
June 9, 2017, 2:56pm

Lorde's second album Melodrama is one of the most anticipated pop releases of this year. That's just a fact of life at this point. So far she's released a few appetizers before the main event drops next Friday 16 June—in fact, we've now heard over one-third of the album's 11 songs already, as today we've received probably the last of those amuse-bouches, in the form of "Sober."

In a profile in the New York Times recently, Lorde confirmed that the album would tell the story of one night, and if "Green Light" is the whirling, spinning, heady dancefloor track, "Sober"—a skittering, erratic song—is almost certainly the part that comes after that, where things get a bit intense and your heart starts hurting a bit and you start making out with your ex. Led by prominent percussion, an almost hoarse purr of a vocal, and, amazingly, horns, it's a slight departure from what we've heard so far, but still hooky enough to be recognisably "Lorde" (and therefore extremely good). Listen above and feel sort of weird because it sounds exactly like how your 3AM is going to feel.

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(Image via YouTube)