Liberals Lose Seats in Atlantic Canada, But Still Easily Win Region

In early results, the Liberals are well ahead in Newfoundland and the Maritimes.

by Steven Zhou
Oct 22 2019, 1:19am

Image via candidates social media

The Liberals didn’t sweep Atlantic Canada like they did in 2015 but have emerged thus far with a comfortable number of seats in the region.

Of 32 regional seats, 23 have been called. The Liberals have 19 of those seats.

It seems like the drop in Liberals’ popular vote went primarily to the Conservatives.

In New Brunswick, the Conservative have three seats, and four for the Liberals. Three are still being counted. It’s the Atlantic province that’s seen the most change from 2015.

The Liberals have won six seats in Nova Scotia so far, with five still counting.

Six out of seven of Newfoundland’s ridings have gone to the Liberals. One, St. John’s East, went to the NDP’s Jack Harris.

Prince Edward Island looks like pretty solid Liberal territory right now, with three out of four locked down for them. The last one being counted also has the Liberals leading.

This story will be updated as new results come in.

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