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Listen to Medlar's Take on Love Club's Seminal Boogie Smasher "Hot Summer Nights"

The hot and sweaty re-rub will have you revisiting the entire West End back catalogue.

by Josh Baines
Feb 23 2017, 10:15am

Here at THUMP UK, we're confident in stating that we like producer and DJ, Medlar, and that we also like seminal boogie label West End Records, so when we found out that the former'd been given access to the latter's archives in order to make a series of edits, we screamed with joy so loudly that our whoops of delight could be heard echoing across the world. Rumor has it that the guys up on Trappist-1 were woken from their slumber. Sorry one, sorry all!

ANYWAY, the key thing is that Medlar's got his grubby mitts all over their extensive catalogue and he's decided to give a few classics a contemporary re-rub. Medlar himself had this to say about it:

"I put these edits together for myself and a few friends to play in our DJ sets. West End was one of the key stepping stones to what would later become house music and for many is the definitive sound of early 80s New York. I'd argue that it's aged better than any other label of that era and if you're relatively new to the label or know it inside out, the catalogue can likely still provide something new."

The EP's certainly got us going back to the West End back catalogue with open arms, and we reckon you'll be doing the same. For a quick teaser, why not tuck into this gorgeous edit of Love Club's sultry stomper "Hot Summer Nights," right now.

Medlar's West End Edits arrive on the 24th of March. Pre-order it here.


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