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You Can Sample Sounds from NASA's Soundcloud Now (Just Don't Pull a Beyoncé)

Welcome to the space jam.

by VICE Thump
Oct 23 2014, 6:26pm

The greatest promise of outer space is also the promise of another, better reality. The second greatest promise is of better electronic music.

Welcome to the space jam. Now that NASA has embraced SoundCloud and released a host of free-to-download sounds culled from outer space, the opportunity to remix the intergalactic is even more alluring than ever. Best of all, the clips are not copyrighted, and have been made available to the tax-paying public to do with as you wish. (Read their content guidelines here to make sure you're in the clear.) 

The NASA SoundCloud contains such gems as those iconic "Houston, we've had a problem," "The Eagle has landed," and "That's One Small Step for Man" vocal clips. 

But it's also a treasure trove of weirder bits, like the sounds of interstellar plasma, lightning on Jupiter, bleeps from the Sputnik, radio waves from the Earth's atmosphere, and even a "Merry Christmas" message from Apollo 8.

But caveat emptor: use this gift bag of intergalactic presents with... sensitivity. Remember when Beyoncé got caught in a shitstorm for using samples from the space shuttle Challenger disaster in her song "XO"? Um, maybe don't do that. 

Michelle Lhooq is seriously revisiting the Space Jam soundtrack - @MichelleLhooq