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Drift into Altered States with Alex Smoke's "Initiation" Mix

When's the last time you heard Autechre, Throbbing Gristle, and W.B. Yeats in one place?

by Max Mertens
Feb 16 2016, 6:05pm

Florence To

When we recently interviewed Alex Smoke about his latest album, Love Over Will, we learned about the Glaswegian producer's fascination with subjects both arcane and occult. If you've ever wondered what a guest mix would sound like from an artist who name-checks Alan Moore, Aleister Crowley, and Genesis P-Orridge in conversation, then Smoke's "Initiation" mix is your answer.

"It's a mix with the focus on hypnotic absorption, so it's probably best listened to loud and in an altered state, whether that be exhaustion or euphoria," the artist tells THUMP. "If you're driving, then just listen to it loud."

Beginning with a reading of W.B. Yeats' apocalyptic poem "The Second Coming," the mix features music from Autechre, David Bowie, Laurel Halo, Throbbing Gristle, Under The Skin composer Mica Levi, and more.

Check out the tracklist below and Smoke's upcoming tour dates here.


W.B. Yeats - The Second Coming (Read by Harold Pinter)
Jim Williams - Kill List (Rook Films)
Mica Levi - Ident 2 (Channel 4)
Anna Homler & Steve Moshier - Oo Nu Dah (RVNG Int.)
Burning Star Core - Unfinished/Guitar Solo (Self-Released)
Ernst Reijseger - Gaga (Winter & Winter)
Autechre - Os Veix3 (Warp)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Cognition (Forbes) (DDS)
David Bowie - Let's Dance (Parlophone)
Wraetlic - El Straightlinn (Unreleased)
Unnamed - Gnu (Unreleased)
Jerusalem In My Heart - Yudaghdegh El-ra3ey Walal-Ghanam (Constellation)
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - Never Were The Way She Was (Constellation)
Laurel Halo - Wow (Hyperdub)
Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music (ECM)
COV - Etanan Chimes (Unreleased)
Aisha Devi - Initiation To An Illusion (Houndstooth)
Unnamed - Gysin (Unreleased)
Throbbing Gristle - What A Day (Industrial)
Jahiliyya Fields - Chance Life Moon Dance (L.I.E.S)
Unnamed - Spitt (Unreleased)

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