Hundreds of Golden Retrievers Met Up to Beat a World Record

361 extremely good girls and boys came together at a Scottish Castle to be immortalized in the record books as the largest ever gathering of golden retrievers.

by Nicole Clark
Jul 25 2018, 1:00am

Photo of golden retriever puppies sleeping together in a circle by Kris Wong/Getty Images.

This month (and 2018, really) has been an unmitigated nightmare, but we are pleased to report that the purity of dogs remains untouched.

Last week, 361 golden retrievers assembled at the Guisachan Estate in Tomich, Scotland to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the happy-go-lucky breed. Apparently, the notoriously loyal breed of doggo was first bred in 1868 at the very they assembled for the commemorative party.

The event was hosted by The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, and, according to TIME, broke the world record for largest gathering of golden retrievers. In the process, they proved that you really can't have too much of a good thing, especially if that good thing is dogs. Please fortify yourself with this sea of gleeful wagging tails, melodious barks, and faces that always look like they're smiling:

“It’s such a popular breed,” Doreen McGugan, chair of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, told TODAY. "It was a lot of pet owners who came just to join the fun. People didn’t realize that it all went back to this and that there is a place to go to commemorate (their golden retrievers)."

Clearly McGugan was blinded by the brilliance of these pups, telling TODAY that, throughout the day there was "not one bark in these dogs." Which is patently false, as you can see from the video above. But who among us wouldn't be overwhelmed by this sea of the goodest girls and boys?

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