Zaza Scored More Points than Klay Thompson Last Night And Wants Him to Know About It

When you're an all star on the Warriors and you have an off night, there are three others to take your place.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
May 7 2017, 8:22pm

Zaza Pachulia, the greatest Georgian basketball player in the history of existence, showed up pretty hard last night in the Warriors' Game 3 against the Jazz, racking up a solid seven points. It's actually a pretty good night for the big man, who hovers at six PPG on the regular. But you know who didn't have such a good night? Klay Thompson. And Zaza wasn't gonna let him off the hook about it.

Zaza posted the above picture to Instagram and wrote,

"Historical night. @klaythompson 6pts. Zaza 7pts. #WarriorsvsJazz" (missing an eye-looking and smiley face emoji because our CMS chews them up).

Pretty good own.

It's kind of baffling to see the Warriors go through these weird slumps where two of their all stars are having an off night. Steph Curry scored a quiet 23 points last night, which is a lot for many, but sub par for him. And then Klay was out there shooting 0.111 percent, going 1 for 9 on field goals, with only one steal and a rebound in 39 minutes—not to mention his three personal fouls. Klay's final tally? Six.

Sure, that's something that would typically piss most people off, but do you see Klay's face? The man is smiling. Yup, they won 102-91. Because when you're an all star on the Warriors and you have an off night, there are three other all stars to take your place. It feels so good to laugh again.

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