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Occupy St. Patrick's Day

It all went pretty smoothly until police raided yet again, arresting people by their faces.

by Taji Ameen
Mar 19 2012, 4:00am

This Saint Patrick's Day, occupiers and undercover cops with green ties celebrated OWS's six-month anniversary. The goal was to reoccupy Zuccotti Park, and it went pretty smoothly till police raided it once again, around midnight. For most of the day, the protesters gallivanted around the downtown area, bringing back the drum circle and eating loads of birthday cake. Many attempted to throw up tents and pick fights with the cops. Once all these Direct Action troublemakers were escorted out of the park and into paddy wagons, the movement reached a peaceful standstill. A few hours later, a large group of foreign bagpipe players showed up and were instantly shut out by the cops. A cop broke one of their bagpipes and when a protester asked why, the infamous hipster cop responded, "They are French." At this point of the evening, the protesters had enough and began putting their own barricades up around the park. Hundreds of cops regrouped and moved in, dragging them out by their faces. OWS activists are calling for a general strike on May 1 to protest these arrests.