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Quincy Got Rich Isn’t Rich Yet, But He’s Making Songs Like He Is

You can’t not bop your head to Quincy's new track "DAT BIT"

by Jake Kivanc
Jan 17 2017, 3:17pm

In Toronto, it's a commonality for rappers (or people who use that moniker but are really just vomiting over a beat) to drop a few tracks, sometimes an EP, and disappear. This is largely due to the fact that most artists just can't make a big enough splash to be heard by anyone remotely important, or by an audience big enough to care.

Not so is the case with Quincy Got Rich. The fresh-faced, London, Ontario-born 20-year-old quietly dropped two singles last year that not only racked up a solid 70 thousand plays on Soundcloud in three months but are in regular rotation on official Spotify and Apple Music hip-hop playlists. Quite a feat, considering both tracks were actually his first releases ever. Today, Quincy (real name Quinton Grant) is dropping "DAT BIT"; the audio equivalent of what we imagine a submachine gun sounds like to those old gun enthusiasts who make YouTube videos and say things like, "This girl" when talking about inanimate objects. Yes, that is actually a real thing. Anyways, listen to the track—and read a bit about the man behind the blonde curls—below:

NOISEY: Tell us about yourself in a sentence or two. 
Quincy Got Rich: I was born in July 1996. I began rapping at a young age, listening to a lot of Soulja Boy, Pharrell and Camron. My upbringing in London was unstable, which is why I moved to Toronto. That move heavily influenced my music.  

The first time I heard " Cutty ," I honestly had trouble believing that it was your first release because it was so catchy. Tell me about this new track.
For "DAT BIT," I was actually just at the house and Trackstar sent me a Snapchat of this beat where he sampled 'Give It To Me' by Timbaland and Nelly Furtado. Most of our songs start with a Snapchat. It was super lit so I got up and we made the song right away.

You dropped two singles before this - both of which did incredibly well. What was your reaction to that?
You never know what to expect. Derek [Wise] coming through on Cutty off the jump definitely helped a lot, and I've just been grateful for all the love I been getting.

Off that point — you're an incredibly new face to the Toronto scene, but you're already off to a running start. What are your plans for this year?
A lot of heat. You can expect lot more music produced by Trackstar and GOOK, visuals, and a lot of work with some new producers is all on the way.

Please explain the name Quincy Got Rich to me.
What more is there to say?

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