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Here's "Hush Up the Silence," a Probably New, Likely Real Track from Drake and Wizkid

The Starboy and the Boy are back in town.

by Phil Witmer
Jan 14 2017, 5:09pm

Drake is an international man of well... maybe not mystery. Dorkiness? The point is that he's worldwide, with no country immune to the Boy's charms. Nigerian superstar Wizkid (a.k.a. the original "Starboy") has already collaborated with Drake on the remix of "Ojuelegba" as well a little-known song called "One Dance" and now both have linked up again on a leaked track identified as "Hush Up the Silence."

Wizkid references Ricky Martin and – possibly, subtly – responds to the Weeknd's use of his nickname. Drake, meanwhile, continues his streak of being somber and embattled on sunny pop songs a la "Work" ("Jealous people around me, I need to change my life / I just turn colder every time I try"). You can listen to "Hush Up the Silence" here.

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