Bleachers Celebrates the Pain on the Stunning “Everybody Lost Somebody”

It's the latest single from his third album, 'Gone Now,' out June 2.

by Alex Robert Ross
May 12 2017, 3:59pm

Jack Antonoff's new album as Bleachers was already destined to be a glorious, glistening Say Anything-loving pop record before the release this morning of "Everybody Lost Somebody." The record's first single, "Don't Take The Money," was an ecstatic love song with Lorde providing some chant-along backing vocals. And "Hate That You Know Me" featured Carly Rae Freakin' Jepsen, another singer with a remarkable for 80s sheen and addictive hooks. Antonoff has worked with both Lorde and Jepsen over the last couple years so it all made perfect sense. He was going for rapture through reverberating drums.

On "Everybody Lost Somebody," though, Antonoff's sensibilities crystalize and crackle in a way we haven't heard before. No features this time, just a Graceland-esque chorus to punctuate things and a warm falsetto interlude from Antonoff. It's understated, by Antonoff's standards, but it's all the more forceful for it. Antonoff shared a note about the track on Twitter this morning, writing that "Everybody Lost Somebody" is a tribute to his late sister, closing with the thought that he wants to "celebrate all this heaviness." He's pulled that difficult feat off perfectly here.

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