Something Is Finally Being Done About Toronto Losing Its Venues

The historic Massey Hall is adding two expansions to accommodate performances by smaller, independent artists.

by Phil Witmer
Oct 23 2017, 8:26pm

Photo by Jake Kivanç

For most of 2017, Toronto's music scene has seen many of its most beloved live music spaces shuttered because of condo development, safety concerns, and (maybe) 4chan trolls. You wouldn't expect a solution to this problem to lie with one of the city's oldest venues, but it seems that Massey Hall is going to become Toronto's next great indie concert-going experience.

Well, not exactly the original venue itself. As NOW reports, Massey Hall is planning to open two venues, one that seats between 250 and 500 patrons located next to the main venue, and a converted bar stage for "coffeehouse" style performances. Speaking to NOW, Massey Hall's programming director Jesse Kumagai said that, "Massey Hall is a big room, and presenting a show there means an artist has to have an audience to match. Our aspirations to help artists, combined with so many small venues under threat, made us think about what this [new] venue would look like."

Development on these new stages will begin in 2018, with Massey Hall temporarily closed during the construction. You can read all the details here.