Presented by Vans Unbound

Fingers Crossed: The Chad Montie Story

Watch the epic story of the influential, legendary, and completely fictional fingerboarder Chad Montie.

by VICE Staff
Sep 27 2017, 4:24pm

Bonding over our common love for skating, art, fashion and cool, weird shit, VICE and Vans partnered to launch Unbound—a new series that enables emerging Canadian creatives to work on what they love.

Original. Provocative. Handy. Professional fingerboarder Chad Montie was so many things to his fans, but the one thing everyone in the industry agrees on is that fingerboarding hasn't been the same since he disappeared. Tracing the rise, the glory and the mysterious disappearance of the one who could do more with his fingers than most could with their whole mind, Fingers Crossed: The Chad Montie Story uses the micro lens of fingerboarding to mirror the highs and lows of pro skateboarding—ultimately celebrating boards of all shapes and sizes.