Kansas Wins on Traveling Buzzer-Beater

Every once in a while the travel truthers are right.

by Patrick Sauer
Jan 4 2017, 5:11pm

There is nothing worse in basketball than traveling truthers. They are the "Well, actually" cretins of hoops, mansplaining why you shouldn't enjoy watching people take flight. The worst of the worst will link to the official NCAA rulebook, nailing it to your social media feed like Martin Luther with a whistle around his neck.

Goddamn it all when they're right.

The University of Kansas raised its home winning streak to 47 games thanks to a buzzer beater by junior guard Svi Mykhailiuk, who more or less picked up his dribble at Milton's Cafe. C'mon blue, how is Kansas State suppose to steal one when you let this slide?

Making matters worse, the refs had to review the play to make sure he got the shot off in time, which he did, but they could not go back in and review the no-call. As the Topeka Capital-Journal reports, Wildcats head coach Bruce Weber wasn't thrilled:

In the postgame news conference, an adamant Weber said that while the Wildcats had their chances, when it came to the non-travel, 'I think everybody knows here what happened.'

'Everybody — do you want to see my phone?' Weber asked, gesturing inside his right-side coat pocket. 'There's 100 (texts) on each of them — I think everybody knows.'

No-call or not, Mykhailiuk's father Lurri came all the way from the Ukraine to see his boy hit the winner at Allen Fieldhouse, which is sweet. Although, he had to wait to hug his son as the good-time presser went long.

"Mykhailiuk, who finished with 11 points on 3-for-7 shooting for the Jayhawks (13-1, 2-0 Big 12), had to know a question about the would-be travel was coming. And when it did — Mykhailiuk was asked whether he thought he traveled — a teammate was ready to give an assist.

'Uh, no,' Mykhailiuk said with a sheepish smile.

Landen Lucas, the Jayhawks' senior forward, was smiling too. Sitting to Mykhailiuk's right at the postgame interview table, he interjected.

'Just leave it right there,' Lucas said."

Fair enough, Landen. We'll let the travel truthers have their day and leave the last word to Matt Norlander at CBS who summed it perfectly.

"Walk, Chalk, Jayhawk" makes it all worthwhile.