Only Three Songs into Her Career, Toronto’s Liza Makes Better Music Than You with “All Alone"

Her new track is a gift to R&B.

by Devin Pacholik
Oct 3 2016, 2:14pm

As a music writer, you often spend your time sorting through terrible mixtapes or wondering why Meghan Trainor become a thing.  Every now and then, you find someone like Toronto-based R&B and soul singer Liza, who is so fresh in her career she only has three songs out, but hot damn, she's good. While she's been focusing on school for the last few years, she is only now making a push to get her music out. The 22-year-old's latest track, "All Alone," was produced by Nahum & Vincent Basil and is the lead single off her upcoming EP February 29 expected to come out in November. The song has a deceptively chill vibe but focuses on the theme of isolation, such as the verse, "I look around in the crowd, people dancing/ I look around, turn around just like I'm stranded."

"I feel that the song can relate to anyone," Liza told Noisey. "The song encapsulates the obstacles an individual faces when they choose to pursue a bigger dream or any goal. When people have a drive to achieve what many believe to be unachievable, it leads them in feeling that they're on their own. The more I focused on what I wanted to do, the more I started to see that my past interests were no longer my interests. I slowly began to lose touch with everyone around me and had to deal with obstacles that arose on my own." Listen to Liza's "All Alone" below:

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