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Goth-Pop Witch Doctor Pictureplane Announces His First Album in Four Years With "Technomancer"

'Technomancer' will explore themes like resistance and sorcery over modern machinery.

by Michelle Lhooq
Sep 1 2015, 9:12pm

Pictureplane (AKA Travis Egedy), the Brooklyn-based DJ who helped coin the term "witch house," has been up to a lot of things—including a scheduled slot at New York City's upcoming Blade-inspired Blood Rave, and getting Jerome LOL, Dark0, and Knife City to remix his single "Hyper Real." Now the goth-pop producer has announced his first album in four years, Technomancer, which will drop on Halloween Eve (naturally!) on Anticon. The release will continue explore themes that recur throughout Egedy's work: "personal enlightenment through anarchy," and "resistance and sorcery over modern machinery." Listen to the first track off the album above.

Technomancer is out October 30 on Anticon

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