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Jim Jones Is Making a Soda Called Vamp

This is real. This is not a joke. This is happening.

by Drew Millard
Oct 21 2014, 2:45pm

Jim Jones of Dipset/"We Fly High"/Chrissy & Mr. Jones on VH1 fame, has announced the creation of Vamp, a new, Faygo-looking berry-flavored soda that will hit New York stores on Halloween. In a press release, Jones explained that he is an innovator in the field of entertainment, boasting, "Everyone thought I was crazy when I started a reality show. Now everyone wants one," and explained his rationale for creating a soda by saying, "Soda is ageless."

This is not the first time a member of Dipset has endorsed a beverage. Let's all take two minutes and watch this promotional video about Sizzurp, Cam'ron and Jim Jones' premium adult beverage, that features Kanye West, Consequence, and GLC waxing poetic about the beverage's myriad qualities.