PREMIERE: Listen to the Heavy New Have Mercy Single, "Collider"

Collide with a killer track.
September 14, 2015, 2:54pm

Have Mercy is a band from Baltimore, MD that plays super engaging, energetic rock music. This past year has been a whirlwind for the band, beginning with a headliner featuring the likes of Weatherbox and You Me And Everyone We Know, drawing huge crowds at this summer's Warped Tour, to putting out this brand new single "Collider." The track takes a different take than the usual Have Mercy song, showing off a heavier and forward moving take on their song structure. The track intensifies more and more, hitting its apex at the end where gravely vocals and upward moving guitars combining, yelling out the words "I don't need you anymore." To explain the the direction of the track, singer Brian Swindle states:

"This song came out of nowhere. We were rehearsing for our spring tour and started jamming on these simple three chords. We went to Paul Leavitt over the course of a few months to track it. Really, just to tweak things and mess with it a little more. It ended up just being this tad bit heavier version of Have Mercy. Will this reflect what our next album may sound like? Not at all. But I definitely think it's a cool song to bang your head to."

Check out the song below, and catch them on tour with Transit, Microwave and Somos (including a newly announced Chicago date).