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Watch Good Morning’s Two-For-One Video for ‘On the Street/You’

The Melbourne duo have a new video that plays out like some kind of Guided By Voices/Ariel Pink/Flaming Lips mind funk.

by Noisey Staff
Jul 10 2015, 8:30pm

The last time we chatted to the Good Morning fellas they’d just released their debut cassette Shawcross and were readying to play their songs to live audiences.

The Melbourne two piece, Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair, have been hanging out a bit more since then have just sent us through a video for their two new tracks “On the Street” and “You”, the double A-side from a new cassette.

Playing out like some kind of Guided By Voices/Ariel Pink/Flaming Lips mind fuck/funk the video features the two songs blending into one longer visual jam/journey.

What starts as someone have a lazy session of badgering the witness while listening to some chilled tunes and the guys hanging out around a suburban home turns into a Community College horror film.

We had a chat to Liam to find out more.

Noisey: What have you been up to since last time we chatted?
Liam Parsons: Not too much. Mainly just making lots of toasties, and recording and playing a few shows. Mostly toasties. Stefan has invented a new way of eating toasties, where the toastie acts as a piece of toast underneath an egg or other breakfast toppings. We haven't Googled it or anything to see if he actually did invent it but it feels right.

Who came up with the concept for the video?
Our beloved friend Jesse was visiting from the States and we wanted to make a video with him cause he's the best. We were all pretty hung-over one day and just sort of came up with it on the spot. I suppose we all came up with the content together but Jesse's editing is more the focus and definitely makes the clip what it is.

It changes suddenly and becomes very dark. I always associated Good Morning with bright sunny pop. You have a dark side?
Ha, yeah. Even though our music is really poppy and focused on melodies and shit like that, our lyrics are always pretty hopeless and pretty much just about the soul crushing weight of the world. It's probably a bit of an Australian thing even, to put on a smile in the face of complete sadness.

‘On the Street/You’ is available now.

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