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Announcing Noisey's Next Rap Party Featuring The Underachievers

Join us at our next Rap Party with The Underachievers!

by Nick Rattigan
Jul 30 2013, 8:10pm

If you don't already know about Noisey's Rap Parties, you need to get with it. Every month, we put on a killer show with all of our favorite rappers and supply you with a butt ton of online content such as (but not limited to) interviews, videos and premiers to get you psyched up for the event. While we've already collaborated with household favorites like Freddie Gibbs, IamSu! and Action Bronson, next month we are proud to announce that Brooklyn's own The Underachievers will be headlining the bill.

Clear your calendars for Tuesday, August 20th, where the duo will be joined on stage by CJ Fly (Pro Era) , Dillon Cooper and Danse Diamonds (Brooklyn Stickup) at the Santos Party House for an ALL AGES show. As promised, leading up to the event Noisey will be premiering The Underachiever's latest EP, an exclusive music video and plenty of other online goodies to fulfill all of your Interneting needs. Because we love you.

Grab your tickets for the show here and check out the video for The Underachiever's "The Mahdi" below.

Don't forget the twitter handles...