PREMIERE: Listen to DCF's Wavy, Nostalgic Love Song "One Time"

Finally, a rap song that could soundtrack an emotional scene in your favourite TV drama (in a good way).
November 24, 2015, 5:40pm

Photo by Brody White

If you wanna spill your heart these days, you've gotta get on a rap beat. Kanye pioneered it, Drake codified it. Toronto "neo-pop" artist DCF puts his own spin on the trope with a teaser off for his EP High School Forever, due early 2016. Riding a cloudy, thickly atmospheric beat produced by Roy Woods collaborator FrancisGotHeat, DCF's sung, confessional lyrics are postmodern in their references but heartfelt in their delivery.

"One Time is a love song I wrote about a girl I used to see who moved away to New York City," says DCF, "The beat just felt super nostalgic and I wrote the song in about half an hour while watching Gossip Girl in the bath. I remember getting into a lot of trouble with this girl and this song was just kind of a final 'hey, that was nice, hope you're having a nice life' type songs."

Phil Witmer makes music and writes in Toronto__. Follow him on Twitter.