Welcome to Fall with Threading's Shoegazing New Song "Candy Ghost"

Cooler weather means cooler music.
September 11, 2015, 3:30pm

Threading is a shoegaze band from Michigan that plays ultra lush and enrapturing music. You can act super hard like you're over the newest wave in shoegaze, but Threading deliver music that stands truer to the roots of the genre rather than just cashing in on something. On "Candy Ghost," the piercing and huge soundscapes produced in an extremely short amount of time are remarkable. It isn't the kind of pop shoegaze in vogue right now, instead becoming the kind of dissasociative mix that sets the listener apart from what's going on outside of the headphones. It's a mesmerizing experience, before the band finally lets you go in the apex of the song.

Listen to the song below, and pre-order their upcoming EP You Are Never Enough right here.