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Celebrate Friday the 13th with Ggu:ll's Terrifying Drone-Laced Doom

Stream 'Dwaling,' the mind-crushing debut from this Dutch doom crew, and keep an ear out for an appearance from The Devil's Blood's Farida Lemouchi.

by Kim Kelly
May 13 2016, 5:13pm

Ggu:ll (probounced "ghoul") hails from Tilburg, the Netherlands' unofficial heavy metal capital. Formed in 2009, the band has already dredged up a demo and one EP, but even those well-recieved releases have felt like amuse-bouches, teasing fans' appetites while building up to the main event. On the quartet's debut full-length, Dwaling, they do their hometown proud with riff after riff of atmospheric, drone-flecked doom. The songs wallow in fuzzy distortion, roaring aggression, and plodding tempos, as Ggu:ll wields the dynamic tension between guitar, bass, and drums as a weapon. As an added perk, the album features the Mouth of Satan herself, Farida Lemouchi of The Devil's Blood, who lends her inimitable voice to the slow-burning "Het smerige kleed van de ziel."

Dwaling is out May 20 via Ván Records. If you happen to be in or around Tilburg this weekend, be sue to catch Ggu:ll's record release show at the Little Devil, where they'll be spitting decibels alongside Conan, Samothrace, and more as part of the Little Devil Doom Days fest.

Kim Kelly finally spelled their name right. She's on Twitter celebrating.