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Bliss Out to Dreamboy’s Ghostly ‘Endings’ EP

The Montreal-based artist explores the hazy nature of memory on her new EP.

by Phil Witmer
May 2 2016, 3:45pm

Photo by Rebecca Storm

The music of Montreal’s Esther Isabel, a.k.a Dreamboy, continues the tradition of the city’s experimental, noise-damaged pop. Her new EP Endings removes the grind of earlier tracks like “Negative Feelings” in favour of ethereal synthpop that often recalls the cloudy days of the early 2010s, when ghostly bangers reigned supreme. Opener “One Cold Morning” kicks through a haze of buzzing synth pads while “Only Friend” sounds like a poppier version of Replica-era Oneohtrix Point Never. However, it’s the title track that makes the clearest statement, as Isabel’s cathartic vocals swoop through a Clams Casino-ish fog while drum 'n' bass breakbeats sputter to life at seemingly random intervals.

Endings is a meditation on the themes which I have explored during most of my formative years of making music and art,” says Dreamboy. “It is a salute to those years and the memories that have punctuated them. The music, words, and visuals embody the frame of mind that I've been steeped in for a while. I set out to capture that mood, and to set it free.” Listen to the EP below.

Endings is out May 6 on Dreamboy's Bandcamp and May 24 worldwide on Atelier Ciseaux.

Phil Witmer is a Noisey Canada staff writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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