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Two Great Hates That Taste Great Together, Powerviolence and Satanism. Stream the New ACxDC Track

Pure hate mixes with pure hate. Is that even possible?
April 23, 2014, 6:56pm

I'm an old fart, so I remember that at the height of the satanism scare in the 80s my mom freaked the fuck out about all of the AC/DC records I had. Seems that somewhere she had heard that Kiss stood for "Knights in Satan's Service" and that AC/DC stood for "Antichrist / Devil Conquerors". Maybe all of these freak outs are why I listen to Mercyful Fate and shit like that so much.

I bet she's stoked on the new LP by Antichrist Demoncore, aka ACxDC. The self-proclaimed "satanic powerviolence" warriors are releasing their new LP via Melotov Records on June 24th. Not only do ACxDC hate you with their vicious powerviolence stylings, they do so while renouncing Christ. Check out "Endless Failure" and take that, Mom!