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Sleep Is for the Weak on Toronto Hip-Hop Trio EMP’s “8AM”

Producer Eestbound, along with performers Milly and Pree, release a flock of John Woo doves in their new single.

by Devin Pacholik
May 14 2018, 6:55pm

Photo courtesy of Universal Music Canada

Rest is pointless when you have unlimited power to grind through the entire night. EMP’s new video “8AM" is cinematic, trunk-rattling vibe session complete with John Woo-style doves flying and drugged up chords. The new video was directed by Zac Facts from We Should Make History. It’s a celebration of getting completely smashed until the sun rises. The Toronto rap trio, which Noisey interviewed back in 2016, consists of producer Eestbound, rapper Milly Manson, and vocalist Pree. The new video was directed by Zac Facts from We Should Make History. Incidentally, Eestbound is probably best known for Travis Scott's "Antidote" featuring Wondagurl. “You can ask around, ain’t nobody like me,” Pree sings on the chorus.

She wrote to Noisey, saying, "’8AM’ is your go-to turn-up party anthem that will have all the bad bitches screaming’“Have you ever been down with a chick like me—You could ask around ain’t nobody like me.’” Eestbound said, “Windows down, driving fast on the highway with your friends, “8AM” is what you’re screaming out the window word for word.” Milly described it as, “... having the perfect day, start off the morning with a threesome and end of the night shitfaced and lit, what’s better than that?”

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