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There's a Walmart Yodelling Kid EDM Remix: Where Is Your God Now?

Every day we stray further from His light.

by Lauren O'Neill
Apr 4 2018, 2:22pm

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When I watch the video of the Walmart Yodelling Child, all I can think of is myself. His precocious showiness and how seriously he approaches his endeavour to bring entertainment to the people of the supermarket both remind me of myself as a child. If anyone had talked during his rendition of Hank Williams Jr's "Lovesick Blues", I know in my heart that he'd have stopped singing, yelled at them in a high-pitched, unhinged-seeming way to "SHUT uuuup," before continuing serenely. I know this because that is exactly what I would have done. In many ways, I am Walmart Yodelling Child. I am, obviously, also an Aries. If you need a reminder, here we are:

The Walmart Yodelling Child, of course, has captured the collective imagination of the internet and so, as these things so often do, his video has spawned a meme and now, an EDM remix. You can hear that at the top of the page. It's terrifying – truly, utterly frightening, like maybe this is the noise you hear at the entrance to hell? – but isn't that also a trait which characterises all the best EDM? Isn't the best EDM also sort of the worst EDM? Either way, good for Walmart Yodelling Child: if I know him the way I think I do, he'll be enjoying his viral fame by ordering members of his family around and crying hysterically immediately after his inevitable Ellen appearance.

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