Photos of Portuguese Fans Celebrating Last Night's Euro 2016 Win

They prayed, they cried, and they screamed on Terreiro do Paço square in Lisbon last night.

by Bruno Lisita
Jul 11 2016, 2:35pm

Thousands of Portuguese soccer fans came together last night at the Terreiro do Paço square in Lisbon, to see Portugal's national team win their first ever Euro Cup.

The atmosphere on the square was tense throughout the game—people prayed, people cried when Cristiano Ronaldo was stretchered off in the 24th minute, people shouted as is only natural when victory is so close and so far at the same time. But much more so than during past tournaments, the most palpable feeling emanating from the Portuguese fans during the game was confidence—confidence that it was actually possible, this time.

More photos below.