Bangkok Accidentally Held the World's Longest Half-Marathon

After race officials pointed runners in the wrong direction, they ran 17 miles instead of 13.

Nov 17 2015, 3:26pm

Just a littttle further... Photo of a 2014 half-marathon in Bangkok via Flickr user Megan

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Half-marathons are, as the name implies, half the length of a normal marathon's 26.2 miles. When you are in charge of setting one up, one of your basic duties is making sure that runners run 13.1 miles, which is where organizers in Bangkok screwed up during a race last Sunday.

According to the the National Jogging Association of Thailand, one of the organizers of the Standard Chartered Bangkok marathon, a "technical error"—a.k.a. race officials pointing runners toward the wrong U-turn—inadvertently lengthened the annual race to a total of 17 miles, the Guardian reports.

Runners took to the event's Facebook page to complain about the potentially dangerous miscalculation and to laugh the whole thing off, calling the race "the super half-marathon" or the "not-so-half marathon."

Newsweek says that the president of the Jogging Association has offered to make up for the mistake, telling the race's participants they would receive a specially-made "27.6 km" shirt.

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