Free Speech 'Activist' Lindsay Shepherd Was Banned From Twitter

Oh no, one less person screaming on the internet. How will we manage?

by Manisha Krishnan
Jul 16 2019, 5:32pm

Lindsay Shepherd. Screenshot via YouTube

Lindsay Shepherd, the former teaching assistant turned right wing free-speech crusader, says she’s been permanently banned from Twitter.

Shepherd, whose name made international headlines after she was reprimanded for playing a clip of Jordan Peterson debating gender neutral pronouns to a class of Wilfred Laurier University students, made the announcement in a YouTube video Tuesday.

She said she filed for an appeal but was told it was denied. She posted a screenshot showing a message from Twitter saying she was being banned for “hateful conduct.”

Shepherd was banned over an exchange she had with Jessica Yaniv, a transgender woman from Vancouver who describes herself as an LGBTQ advocate on Twitter.

Shepherd, by her own admission, repeatedly misgendered Yaniv. She said she tweeted “at least I have a uterus you ugly fat man,” in response to one of Yaniv’s tweets making fun of Shepherd’s septate uterus.

She said she deleted the tweets later but was still banned.

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