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The World Sucks, These DJs in Puppy T-Shirts Don't

The cutest fashion trend taking EDM festival stages by storm.

by Oliver Kinkel
Aug 4 2016, 10:12pm

All photos courtesy of Coded PR.

What's more PLUR than puppies? DJs celebrating their love for puppies via these fun new t-shirts. Yep, it looks a few DJs on the festival circuit are making our miserable world a better place by wearing tees from Puppies Make Me Happy, The Happiest Clothes on Earth™, a brand dedicated to spreading the good word: the joy of puppies.

Big names like Chicago-based house producer Kaskade, OWSLA signee Mija, Israeli dubstep producer Borgore, and the Australian electro house twin sisters Nervo, have all been spotted sporting the puppy-loving tees on stage.

This is undoubtedly the most profound development in the electronic music/puppy community since we became aware of Seth Troxler's dog's instagram, and a much more palatable festival-trend than headdresses.

You can peruse the selection of shirts at, and look at our DJ-wearing-puppy-shirts gallery below.

Mija at HARD Summer.


Kaskade again. He really loves puppies.


Snails rocking a puppy t-shirt. Marshmello seems to be less of a dog lover.

Puppies on a plane! Borgore (left) with his manager.


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