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Jeremy Olander Can Make Progressive House Deep as Fuhh

And you can download his remix of Mendoza's "Love Druggie" right here

by Jemayel Khawaja
Jun 27 2014, 8:20pm

Jeremy Olander is one of the few artists who can bring the deepness to progressive house. The Prydz-approved Swede's tunes fit somewhere between the main room and the warehouse, and his fresh dub remix of Mendoza's "Love Druggie" had us all holding hands and saying nice things to each other.

Olander's remix features a similar synth melody to that of Danish pop siren Mendoza's original rendition, but he's transferred the beat from a b-more-esque vibe into more familiar 4x4 terrain. The remix shows off the quintessential Olander hallmark — Alluding to the grandiosity of progressive house, but with a subdued quality that suggests an action somewhere between fist-pumping and navel gazing.

And hey, guess what? You can download it for free from Jeremy's FB page - right here.

J.O on Twitter // Soundcloud // FB

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