Anderson Silva Replaces Jon Jones at UFC 200

The Spider will step in on two days notice to face Daniel Cormier, joining the cast of the historic bicentennial event.

by Fightland Staff
Jul 8 2016, 2:15pm

Photo by Scott Heavey/Zuffa LLC

Everyone spent the day wondering who would replace Jon Jones, who was pulled off of UFC 200 yesterday for a potential anti-doping violation, and face Daniel Cormier on just two days notice.

Mousasi, Hendo, Rashad? Would the UFC put Conor back on the card, since both him and Nate Diaz were already in Las Vegas? When asked that very question during the UFC 202 press conference today, Conor just smiled and teased: "You know, I'm here. I'm in shape, all they gotta do ask."

As Dana White diligently looked around for a suitable replacement, the MMA world waited, solemnly, hoping for Daniel to at least get a fight and recuperate some of the financial loss of his canceled bout.

This morning, Combate was first to report the much welcomed news that Anderson Silva would be the man for the job.

Anderson lost his last fight to Michael Bisping (the upset king, apparently), his decision win before that against Nick Diaz was overturned when he popped for steroids, and the two fights before that we losses to Chris Weidman. It's not exactly the best and brightest Anderson Silva showing up on Saturday, especially on such short notice, but he will be exciting nonetheless. Who is anyone to complain at this point?

It will be a non-title match, and Brock versus Hunt will continue to be the headliner. Jones getting pulled off the card so last minute really shook everyone up, but man, this new match isn't so bad... right?

Either way, good looks for Anderson. Fly safe, see you this weekend.

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