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Kaskade Melts Our Hearts With This New Deep House Jammie

He's the man, and he "Ain't Gotta Lie" about it."
June 11, 2014, 1:56am

The word journeyman was invented for people like Kaskade. Let me tell you why.

Ryan Raddon, the man behind the music, might be a DJ and producer who headlines the biggest festivals in the world, like Mysteryland, with a special blend of arena-ready big-room house paired with sultry sprawls of euphoric vocals, but if you looked up his music ten years ago you would be dancing to the beat of a very different drum.

Kaskade cut his teeth cooking up some of the most delicious, heart-warming deep house jams that the world has ever known with soulful, grooving cuts like "It's You, It's Me," which to the day would probably make Chuck Norris shed watermelon flavored tears.

After a sold-out "Redux" tour—in which he performed sets in intimate clubs with a tracklist that contained an assortment of his older jams mixed in with some of the more recent downtempo originals—he released a vinyl-only Redux EP of deep-house with a dash of modern EDM flavor. Now, he's back once again with the digital release.

This marks an amazing career traverse for Raddon. Interestingly enough, it comes during a time when he has excavated his entire SoundCloud and turned to Tumblr to further educate loyal listeners on the current music industry atmosphere. Listen to this new yummy release from the man himself, head over to Beatport for the real thing and if you're feeling saucy—download the track stems and attempt your best remix. Forget about Prince, everyone should really want to be Kaskade.

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