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People Are Finally Fighting Back Against the College Textbook Industry's 'Scam'

A lawsuit, grassroots activism, and a viral tweet by a rogue professor point to a larger pattern of debt-strapped students taking on the system.
Allie Conti
19 hours ago
Scam Academy

I Make $1,000 a Week Writing Essays for Lazy Students

Helping kids scam schools has turned into a full-time job for me.
3 days ago
Scam Academy

I Ran a College Cheating Business Out of My Frat

And now I'm a high school teacher.
Scam Academy

I Helped My Friend Cheat on Her SATs and I Would Do It Again

"I wanted to dupe the system and get away with it."

This Is How People Can Actually Afford to Live in Miami

"It basically always feels like I’m one bad roommate drama away from being homeless."
Allie Conti
Student debt

What Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Cancel Student Debt Would Mean for Americans

Her far-ranging proposal would transform how Americans pay for college.
Allie Conti

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Stassi Schroeder Taught Me to Be Basic

After one drink and three hours of waiting in line, I learned to embrace my nascent Bravo fandom.
Allie Conti
true crime

Kidnapper Says 'Bye, Jayme' After Pleading Guilty to Killing the 13-Year-Old's Parents

It's not the first creepy thing Jake Patterson has said since his January arrest.
Allie Conti
Late Capitalism

Millennial Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Has Actual Ideas for Solving the Student Loan Crisis

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is in his 30s (!) and personally familiar with the specter haunting young people.
Allie Conti
The Truth and Lies Issue

The Website That Took Over Men's Media

In 2008, one dude started a simple blog to show off his stuff. It's become much, much more than that.
Allie Conti
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Students Are Suing the Hell out of Schools Tied to the College Bribery Scam

One woman and her son are asking for $500 billion.
Allie Conti
gig economy

Someone's Going to Get Killed Charging Those E-Scooters

Companies like Lime and Bird encourage competition among contractors, which subjects them to the threat of physical violence for little pay.
Allie Conti