grumpy cat

Garfield's Lament: Grumpy Cat Was a Meme Born Dead

Garfield and Grumpy Cat are selling the same joke. So why do they have completely different digital lives?
Caroline Haskins
2 days ago
stream of the crop

Tyler, the Creator's Fractured Gems and 11 More Albums for Heavy Rotation

This week's essential listening also includes wild raps from Megan Thee Stallion and crushing grindcore.
Noisey Staff
2 days ago

This Is What Fish Oil Supplements Actually Do

Is fish oil really just snake oil?
Mark Hay
2 days ago

Florida Captures, Kills Giant Lizard That Terrorized Local Community for a Year

The elusive, human-sized reptile was nabbed by wildlife authorities.
Sarah Emerson
2 days ago

Nostradamus Predicted 'Game of Thrones'

Yes, 16th-century French astrologer and noted seer Michel de Nostredame, aka Nostradamus, saw the fight for the Iron Throne coming centuries away.
Alex Zaragoza
2 days ago

Life Coach Tony Robbins Faces Allegations of Sexual Harassment

The news comes in the wake of his controversial comments around #MeToo.
Leila Ettachfini
2 days ago

Alex Jones’s Pepe the Frog Copyright Trial Will Help Decide Who Can Use Memes

Are memes fair use? Or can you be sued for sharing and profiting off them?
Matthew Gault
2 days ago

Enough with the Batman Movies Already

Robert Pattinson will apparently be the new Batman. But do we really need more Batmen?
Drew Schwartz
2 days ago

This AI-Generated Joe Rogan Voice Sounds So Real It's Scary

Startup Dessa created a Joe Rogan voice that sounds very much like the real thing.
Samantha Cole
2 days ago
climate change

Framing Climate Change as a 'National Security Threat' Is Dangerous

Understanding climate change as a national security threat putting “military readiness” at risk postures refugees as a threat and the U.S. military as threatened.
Caroline Haskins
2 days ago

What Everyone Does When They're Bored at Work

When you’re bored and underpaid, sometimes taking a long dump is the only respite.
Jordan Foisy
2 days ago
Noisey Mix

This Minimal Violence Mix Will Help You Transcend This Mundane Meatspace

The Vancouver duo celebrates their incredible LP 'InDreams,' with a mix of dark and delirious techno.
Colin Joyce
2 days ago