A Notorious Ex-Cocaine Trafficker Is Helping Black People Sell Legal Weed

The multibillion-dollar cannabis industry is shutting out Black people who were jailed for selling weed. Freeway Rick Ross wants to change that.

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'Bath Salts' Feel Like a Drug From the Past—But They're Still Wreaking Havoc

In some parts of the world they conjure wild memories from the 2010s. In Russia, they're more popular than weed.

Colombia Will Tackle Cocaine With a Cancer-Causing Chemical. Only Problem Is, It Won't Work

A new decree, urged on by Trump, means aerial fumigation of coca using glyphosate will likely resume in Colombia after a five-year hiatus.

Photos of the Stuff That Fascinates People While They're Tripping On LSD

r/LSD is where people attempt to document their mid-trip visuals, which – to the rest of us – are literally just chairs and walls.


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Heroin Commuters: Swedish Drug Users are Migrating to Denmark

We meet two Swedish drug users who have escaped Sweden's zero-tolerance policy and instead live on the streets of Copenhagen.

The Truth About Ecstasy: High Society

British people statistically take more MDMA in one session than any other country on the planet. And not just a little bit more: on average, Brits take 420 milligrams per session.

Why Weed Is Good | Let Lee Explain

Weed has been a controversial topic in America since the Reefer Madness days thanks to fear mongering and propaganda. Lee explains why you shouldn’t believe it.

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