McDonald's Is Pissed About a Fucking Filet O' Fish

A Canadian restaurant has stuck it to one of the world’s biggest restaurant chains after a legal threat by trademarking “McEffing Fish Filet” sandwich.

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a day ago
Man Unsuccessfully Fights for His Right to Watch Porn in a Fast Food Parking Lot

This week closed a case that started more than 5 years ago, one involving a man, a ton of adult videos, and the Skype name "hunkofburninglove."

3 days ago
A Couple Is Suing Taco Bell for Overcharging Them $2.18 for Chalupas

Cool lawsuit, guys.

4 days ago
Dad Blames 'Hipster' Honeybee Keepers for Kid Getting Stung by Wasps in NYC Park

"I’m not anti-hipster but this is incredibly dangerous," the enraged father said. "The colony shouldn’t be so close to kids."


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