Can a Human Eat 50 McNuggets in a Single Sitting? An Investigation

A high school buddy of mine claimed to eat 50 McDonald's nugs every night while drinking. I put that drunk brag to the test.

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'Naked and Afraid' Star Investigated After Eating Dead Baby Dolphin on California Beach

On an unverified Twitter account, Golding posted two tweets claiming that he had no idea that he couldn't grill and eat a dead dolphin.

a day ago
Reese's Big Puffs... They Frighten Me

Reese's oversized new breakfast cereal seems to answer the question "What if ball gags were peanut butter-flavored?"

2 days ago
People Are Fighting to Change an Anti-MSG Term in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Chef Eddie Huang and TV host Jeannie Mai are calling out the dictionary's outdated definition for "Chinese restaurant syndrome."


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Egg Yolk Raviolo with Truffles - How To

Chef Stefano Secchi of Rezdôra in NYC makes decadent egg yolk raviolo with ricotta cheese, brown butter sauce, and shaved truffles.

Wasabi Crab Mac & Cheese with Meyhem Lauren - How To

Meyhem Lauren flexes his culinary talents by making wasabi crab mac and cheese in Munchies Test Kitchen.

The Iconic Empanadas of Bogotá 

The Empanada is a dish in which the fillings change from country to country and from city to city.

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