Attention, Stronger People at the Gym: You Have to Help the Newbies

When gym equipment is limited and someone who lifts way less than you wants to share your squat rack, be a good sport about it.

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3 hours ago
I Found the Alone Time I Didn't Know I Needed by Watching Anime

In a world swirling with distractions, obligations, and constant communication, watching anime by myself became my perfect, total break.

7 hours ago
If You Don’t Want to Have Kids, You Don’t Have to Want a Career Instead

Forget having it "all"—why aren’t women allowed to just have "not much in particular," and be happy with it?

a day ago
The Blob? I Am She. And She? She Is Me.

With 720 genders and no brain, the blob is a queer icon for the bimbo-but-I'm-reclaiming-it generation.


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We spoke to a doctor with experience in what happens when a cocaine pellet ruptures internally

I Tried Three Bougie Hangover Cures

VICE reporter Manisha Krishnan's go-to hangover cures have stopped working as she has gotten older. So after a legendary night out, she tried out three high-end treatments, from a sweat spa to a vitamin IV, to see what might help her feel better.

Millennials Are Getting Hypnotized Over Skype to Deal with Anxiety

Andrea Young is a hypnotherapist who helps millennials deal with anxiety and burnout through “virtual hypnosis.” We tried it and spoke with her about why people are getting hypnotized over Skype.

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