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Are the Lakers Finally Worth Watching?

They aren't a good basketball team, but with Luke Walton on the bench and young talent on the floor, they may at least give fans some reason for hope.


Yakkin' About Baseball: Poisoned Orange Juice, Haunted Yankees, Fictitious Reds

A frank discussion of the first month or so of baseball, touching upon the psychopharmacological effects of Bartolo Colon, jowly athletes, and some losing teams.


Are Too Many Baseball Teams Tanking?

The Chicago Cubs are living, winning proof of how a strategic tank job can help turn an organization around. But it gets that much harder when everyone is doing it.


Start the Carousel, Throw Out the Projections: This Particular Week in Baseball

We spend months waiting for spring training, then another six weeks remembering how lame it is. It's time for the real thing, and to be wrong about stuff.


Philadelphia's Original Terrible No Good Very Bad Sports Year

If you think Philadelphia sports are a sad scene now, then you weren't around in 1972, when the only thing standing in the way of all-out despair was Steve Carlton.


The Joyless Joy of Bad Baseball

Watch a lousy team on a losing streak, though, and you'll eventually see what baseball skeptics see whenever they watch: a game that’s aimless and dull and stilted and long, and which isn't even quick about it. But for months we settle in, drink down...


The NFL Is Terrible This Week

A whopping 13 games this week feature either two miserable teams flailing at each other like a bitter married couple going through the motions during an argument, or a really good squad that’s already secured a place in the playoffs and a toxic, tumor...