Black Market Weed Could Make Up 72% of Canada’s Recreational Sales in 2019

That’s because there’s a bottleneck in the legal weed supply chain, analysts say.

Rachel Browne

Atlantic Canada Using the Most Legal Cannabis, Stats Show

Nothing like the spray of the [takes a massive bong rip] Atlantic to increase the high, am I right, b’y?

Mack Lamoureux

Canadians Spent $1.6 Billion on Legal Weed in 2018: Report

The figure doubled from the year before.

Manisha Krishnan

Don’t Get Too Excited About Shoppers Selling Weed

Shoppers Drug Mart stores aren't actually going to carry any cannabis.

Manisha Krishnan

What You Need To Know If You Want To Open A Weed Store In Ontario

Chosen retailers will be fined up to $50K if they’re not ready on time.

Manisha Krishnan

Here’s What to Watch for in Legal Weed in 2019

From weed shortages to edibles sales, there are a lot of issues to sort out.

Manisha Krishnan

How First Nations Are Dealing With Thriving, but Illegal, Cannabis Stores

In Ontario, where you can only legally buy weed from the province’s online store, dispensaries on First Nations are largely operating without interference from the state.

Colin Graf

You Should Probably Quit Your Job and Join The Weed Industry Now

New numbers from Statistics Canada shows cannabis workers are making more than the average Canadian.

Manisha Krishnan

Some Licensed Producers Are Selling Weed Oils That Are Placebos: Researchers

Scientus Pharma claims its technology will ensure Canadians are getting what they pay for.

Manisha Krishnan

Meet the Former Cop Behind Canada’s First Indigenous Licensed Cannabis Producer

Lewis Mitchell believes his company can be a force for good for First Nations communities.

Joshua Ostroff

Canada’s New Weed Minister Is a Cop

Bill Blair, former Toronto police chief, is now officially in charge of cannabis legalization.

Manisha Krishnan

Why Mouldy Weed Is a Problem and How to Fix It

Licensed producer Redecan issued a voluntary recall after being accused of selling mouldy, bug-riddled weed.

Manisha Krishnan